About us

The ISK is a facility for the Zaanstreek region (municipality of Zaanstad, Oostzaan and Wormerland). The ISK is part of the OVO-Zaanstad foundation and is a public school. The emphasis is on tailor-made provision of intensive (language) education and knowledge of Dutch society. This allows students to quickly switch to regular Dutch-language education and to be well prepared for this.

The ISK is a school with fluctuating student numbers. People flee from danger, others come for work or a better future for themselves and their children. Still others have a Dutch partner. Young people rarely choose to come to our country themselves.

Fluctuation in student numbers affects the size of the ISK team. As of August 2020, the two former locations have been merged and the ISK is housed in a building together with a secondary school. As a result, educational possibilities, team building, safety and operations can be improved.



The ISK prepares 12 to 18-year-old newcomers in a challenging environment, with language and tools, for suitable regular further education and a good future in Dutch society.


For each pupil, the ISK establishes the link between previous education elsewhere and Dutch further education. To this end, ISK education has:

  • a challenging learning environment
  • individual progression profiles
  • communicative, interactive and cooperative working methods
  • coherent programs at different levels

The ISK offers a challenging pedagogical climate in which the newcomer is stimulated to develop optimally – with all his capacities and talents – into a promising and valuable participant in the new society.

In ISK education, the Dutch language is central, in addition to learning knowledge and skills, but certainly also values ​​and behavior.

ISK education brings students into contact with core values ​​of Dutch society. It prepares students for a place in that society. A place that offers freedom and demands responsibility.