Students can be registered throughout the year. There are no waiting lists.

The ISK accepts students from 12 to 18 years old.

Registration and intake

The supervisor conducts an intake interview with the new student. If all information is in order, the student is registered and placed.

What is required for registration?

Parents / caretakers / guardians come to the intake interview with the student.

If a student does not speak Dutch or English, we expect someone to be present who can translate and provide information about the student. For a quick enrollment it is useful to take various papers with you. You will find the list below.

Documents required for registration:

  1. a residence permit
  2. an identity card or passport of the student and of the parents (if possible)
  3. a card from the health insurer
  4. an ‘uitgebreid uittreksel’ from the ‘bevolkingsregister’ (BRP) stating the date of settlement in the Netherlands and registered nationality (or nationalities)
  5. the cover page of the IND form
  6. the name and telephone number of the GP
  7. the citizen service number (BSN) with written proof of official status
  8. report cards and / or certificates from previous schools
  9. the vaccination record


After the intake interview, the student will be placed within 2 weeks.

More information

The duration of the stay at ISK-Zaanstad can vary from 1 to 3 years. For each pupil it is examined separately how long the learning path must be in order to be able to succeed in further education. We look at:

  • the number of years of education in the country of origin
  • the learning pace
  • the intelligence
  • previous educational experience in the Netherlands

Further information about registration can be obtained from Mrs. A. Hoek van Dijke via